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Children's Book Fair

Nutrition Experts

When it comes to the health and happiness of our children, I think all parents will agree that only the best will do. Towards understanding food better, we had an interactive session with Nutrition expert Charon Chawla at 10 am on Saturday, 12th March. The parents had a chance to ask Charon questions about the right foods for children as well as sample some quick and tasty foods which we and our little ones enjoyed. She shared some recipes with us as well. An informative and fun morning was had by all!!



Visit to the Post Office

This week was the culmination of our line of inquiry on Post Man. Our children visited the local post office ​on Wednesday 10th Feb. They ​got an ​opportunity to experience ​the working of a post office.The​y​ bought their ​own ​stamps, stuck them on their envelopes and saw them vanish into the post box. ​The postman stamping the envelops at breakneck speed ​had them spellbound. They were ​surprised​ that there are post women​ these days and not just post men.




Visit to the Jerry Martins Farm

Our little ones visited the Jerry Martin's farm to celebrate the culmination of our unit on Farm animals. During this fun excursion, children received an opportunity to see and learn about different farm animals and also to feed some of them. Here are some of the snap shots!!



Fieldtrip to the Girias Explorium

A Trip to the Big Banyan Tree Farm

What better way to understand and appreciate your source of food than to visit the very farm they are raised on so we put the children in the bus and traveled to the Big Banyan Tree Farm to learn more about growing vegetables straight from the source. They werekind enough to welcome the little ones and talk to them as if they are grown-ups. Alltheir questions were answered and the children got right into their role as farmers,planting and harvesting and watering etc. We hope this was just the beginning of their love affair with farming and farm fresh veggies.

Sports Day

All the parents present agreed that the atmosphere was amazing and everyone did really well - The teams supported each other and almost every student took part.  It was also very nice to see all the parents there. The children’s Yoga Display blew the parents minds. It was a flawless performance.

Rally for Rivers

Coming together to Rally for Rivers was an opportunity for little ones to join the campaign and do their bit to save India’s lifelines! To Participate, all we needed to do was spend an hour (more is great!), anytime between 8 AM and 11 AM, at a place of our choice in the city, while holding/displaying a Rally for Rivers prop. We picked our school to do our bit. The teachers' creativity and the children's enthusiasm created this beautiful piece of Art! More power to the future generation!!

Christmas Celebration

We celebrate Christmas by putting up decorations. There were banners and bunting which were strung from the building and lampposts. Christmas lights were hung to also decorate the rooms. We put up a huge Christmas tree to add to the decorations, this was combined with a carol singing session. Santa sitting on a Throne and distributing presents to the children set the tone for a perfect winter vacation.

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