Foundation Stage

Pre-Nursery 2.0-2.11 years
Nursery 3.0-3.11 years


Reception 4.0-4.11 years
Year One 5.0-5.11 years


At Legacy Early Years, the roots of our school are firmly planted in the Montessori approach. We have structured our curriculum and activities to follow the framework established by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS - UK) and administer the program utilizing the Montessori materials and teaching-learning principles. The Montessori system follows a child-centered approach and the structured-school environment allows children to learn through hands-on, self-paced exploration of their world using their senses and the specifically designed Montessori learning materials. The Montessori program allows children to participate in collaborative and challenging activities that enabled them to have a joyful learning experience. The EYFS defines key areas that form the foundation of all developmental learning while the

Montessori philosophy facilitates learning through a carefully prepared environment that encourages independent thinking from an early age. The program aims to achieve holistic learning by following a structured approach that is entirely child-centered. Learning is designed around developing independence, social interaction, practical life skills, sensorial, language and cultural awareness, as well as Science, Mathematics, theme work. The education at Legacy Early Years is designed to meet the needs of the children, allowing them to develop at their own pace. In our school's experiential learning environment children will grow to become sensitive, independent individuals for whom learning will remain to be an enjoyable and a life-long experience.

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