Who we are

Legacy Early Years is governed by the Vidyaniketan Education Trust (Registered). The Trust also governs the operations of the Legacy School Bangalore a co-educational private school that follows the Montessori and Edexcel International GCSE and GCE curriculum from the United Kingdom (UK).Legacy School is the first school in India to receive affiliation to Edexcel (UK) for the International Primary, Lower Secondary, International GCSE and GCE qualifications and examinations - thereby ensuring high quality and consistency in our teaching and learning practices across all grades in the school. The school provides an interactive, enjoyable and challenging educational experience to about 500 children who are between the ages of 3 and 18 years. For more information about Legacy School please visit the school's website: www.lsb.edu.in

We are

Legacy Early Years is associated with Legacy School (2010), which is also affiliated with Vidyaniketan Montessori (1984) and Vidyaniketan Academy (2005). Reputed for its innovative teaching methods and Montessori system of learning, the school benchmarks its practices against that of the Early Years Foundation Stages (UK), which sets statutory guidelines providing the framework for all learning and development.

We believe

That learning needs to be a joyful experience and a journey of exploration. The core value of 'love learning' inspires every aspect of the school and creates a framework to engage our children in their learning and development.

Our Staff

Ms. Priti Sait

(Co-Founder and Managing Trustee)

Mrs.Priti Sait, Co-Founder and Managing Trustee, credited with having founded and successfully operated three educational institutions - Vidyaniketan Montessori (1984), Vidyaniketan Academy (2005) and The Legacy School Bangalore (2010) - will guide the team at Legacy Early Years. Having adopted and practiced the Montessori system for over thirty years, the foundation of LEY rests on the Montessori approach, where children are encouraged to define their learning at their individual pace.

Ms. Lalitha Chacko

(Centre Director)

Lalitha is an English Literature and Psychology Honours graduate and an M.Com in Education Management with over 30 years of experience. She has extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry and has worked with companies like Taj Group Hotels, the Holiday Inn and Esco Reisen, a Swiss Travel Company. She moved into the field of education more than 10 years ago and has since worked as a teacher and later with Schools, Teacher Training Institutions and in Corporate Social Responsibility in the Education Sector. Lalitha has attended many specialized programmes in Leadership, Communication, and Teacher training. She continues to conduct training Programmes in Leadership, soft skills and Problem Solving Techniques for Teachers and Heads of Schools.

Ms. Elmina Jose Francis


Ms. Elmina Jose Francis has a Bachelor’s degree and a certification in Montessori training. She has experience of over 7 years in Early Childhood Education. She has deep understanding in different curriculum approaches such as Montessori, Waldorf Steiner, the Play-Based curriculum, the Reggio Emilia approach and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. She is an expert in academic programs like Jolly phonics.

Radhika Ghose


Ms Radhika Ghose is an Early Years Educator, with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and a certification in the Montessori methodology of learning. She has worked with young children for the past 5 years, and the core of her philosophy is helping the child learn and develop through the way that suits them best. In addition to love for working and growing with young children, her passions include music and language which she finds are great tools to have at hand when connecting with young children.

Michelle Pinto


Ms. Pinto is a Professional with 18+ years of teaching experience with High School and Montessori streams of education. She conducts workshops for parents to implement the Montessori ideology along with their children. She conducts counselling on child behavior. A great organizer and conductor of Summer Camps, sports events, field trips. She is very fluent in English and many other Indian languages. Her interests include Sports, Music, Embroidery, Art & Travel. Her leisure activities are centered on organizing medical camps and awareness programs for women and girl child empowerment.


Learning Environment

The environment at Legacy Early Years is thoughtfully designed, embodying its philosophy that learning needs to be a joyful experience and a journey of exploration. The core value of 'love learning' drives every aspect of the school and creates a framework to engage our children in their learning and development. The role of a teacher at Legacy Early Years is thus not merely that of one who disseminates information, rather one who instills a lifelong love for learning in children.

Learning & Exploring

At Legacy Early Years our learning activities are designed around the interests, needs and abilities of your child. Our spaces have been designed to stimulate imagination, allow exploration and encourage experimentation, enabling learning to happen at an individual's pace. The environment includes gardens, a fish pond, art and craft areas, performing arts space, a multimedia library and astro-turf play areas made for a joyful learning experience.

Structured Montessori Environment

The school is nestled in a quaint 12,000 square feet gated villa home, providing a safe learning environment a midst open green surroundings.The school provides a homely atmosphere, with unique indoor and outdoor spaces to explore and learn. Our classrooms are well-equipped with age-appropriate Montessori materials for interactive learning, storytelling, puppetry, theater, art, music, gardening and yoga, ensuring the holistic development of every child.

Collaborative Culture

The school recognizes the impact that parents and the wider community have on learning and this emphasis on collaboration actively defines how the school structures its programs.

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