Centred Curriculum

why Montessori

The Framework of the curriculum offered by Legacy Early Years takes as its focus the child. It is our endeavour to steer away from specific areas of development and experience and distinct curriculum headings or subjects. It identifies four Aspects, which together encompasses the skill growth and competence of young children.

The Unique and Strong Child

The concept of A Strong Child is one which runs throughout the Framework of our curriculum. We all want children to be strong, capable, confident and self-assured.

A Competent Learner

As they engage in pretend play with gestures and actions, feelings and relationships, ideas and words, children become creative and increasingly imaginative.

A Healthy Child

For young children, being special and cared for is vital for their physical, social and emotional health and well-being.

skillful Communicator

Early attempts at finding a voice are rewarded in a variety of ways, increasing confidence and encouraging children both to extend their range and increase their skills.

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Happy Parents

The school environment is very lively and conducive to learning. I like that Aarav is constantly engaged in fun and creative activities. The teachers and the support staff are very attentive and caring towards him.

-   Diya Mittal, Aarav’s mother

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